What To Do If There Is An Intruder In Your House

Intruder in your house!

This thing is straight up from your nightmare!

It is easy to sit here and just say that do not panic. However, it is not that easy, and you know it.

God forbid, you never have to be in this situation.

However, sometimes you cannot control these things. But, don’t worry, in this excerpt below, we are bringing to you the best advice from experts and intrusion survivors.

This will be able to give you a little peace of mind at night, knowing that you are prepared.

You should always be prepared because thinking that you are beyond any robbery or attack is quite idiotic!

If you stay a little alert and have a plan ready, you will be able to save a lot of precious time and a lot of precious life.

In this excerpt below, we are bringing you the best suggestion to protect yourself when you are under an intrusion attack.

With the number of burglaries and intrusions increasing in the neighborhood, we can understand your reasoning for stumbling across this article.

Do not worry; we will be able to get all the details and the important information.

So, sit back and start taking notes!

Why You Should Get Professional Security Installers

There is something about the smart security methods which can help you get that peaceful sleep at night or go on that vacation with a tranquil mind.

However, that peace of mind could easily turn into something disastrous if you do not know how to get the installation process right.

Then it is not efficient enough to protect you from anything, and you are left with damages which you only have to compensate for.

This is why what you need is a credible home security installer who can get the job done perfectly.

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With a good home security installer, you will be able to get an,

  • In-depth analysis of your house, which can help you in terms of getting the best security advice.
  • It will help you budget better and only buy the equipment which you actually need.
  • The insurance is definitely the sweet spot since that is something that will help you claim for any damages for free.

Thus, you shouldn’t wait for anything else and call for a home security installer today and protect yourself from all the intrusion.

Careless Things You Could Be Doing

Here are some of the careless mistakes you could be making, which are essentially not protecting you from intrusion.

  • You Are Not Taking Security Seriously: When you are not taking security seriously, you are literally inviting intruders into your house.
  • The Spare Key: You are not hiding the spare key properly, and you are intruders getting access to everything without even trying.
  • The Equipment Room: You are not locking your equipment room, and people are getting access to tools helping their break-in.
  • The Garage Door: How many times did you come home and see that the garage door was open?

How To Protect Yourself From Intrusion

Now, we finally come to the part that you all have been waiting for. These are some of the best advice which you can get from experts who have faced this problem before, and were able to survive.

1. Stay Calm

Yes, this is the most difficult suggestion you will get when you are under an intruder attack.

This advice is probably making you angrier.

However, this is something that will help you get out of the situation safe and around. With a calm mind, your mind is able to think straight and make the right decision.

2. Look For A Weapon

Now that you have calmed yourself down, the next thing you should do is try to get a weapon.

In situations like these, attacking the intruder is not the first thing you should do.

However, if the situation gets worse and you are confronted, you might have to do something to defend yourself.

It is better to always keep some weapon in your room, something that can hurt someone.

3. Go For The Panic Button

The panic button is a genius invention.

Under an intruder attack, you shouldn’t be a hero and leave your room. Instead, the wise decision would be to stay put.

Instead, go for the panic button and immediately alert the police.

4. Don’t Create A Chaos While Trying To Escape

If there is no way you can escape,


Stay put because this will only create more mess and chaos. In addition, you might accidentally alert the intruder as well. In situations like this, the safest thing to do is to always avoid confrontation.

5. Activate Sirens Or Alarms

Loud noise, which has the capability to wake the entire house, is something which we all need.

Because every intruder is very intimidated by it.

Get these alarm systems attached to your phone so that you can activate them the moment you detect such activities.

6. Text Your Family Members

If you have family members in some other room, do not panic!

Simply try to call or text them when they hear the alarm. This will alert them, and they will be able to protect themselves from any confrontation.

This is why it is best to have panic buttons in every room.

7. Take Steps Afterwards

Once you have survived the intrusion, the first thing you should do is alert the people around you and the authority.

This is your responsibility to ensure that such a thing should never happen to anyone else.

Protect – Don’t Attack!

The first and foremost advice that we are giving you is – Stay calm!

However, the next important advice would definitely be-

Do not try to confront the intruder.

They are probably well equipped and weaponed. Therefore, you do not have to worry about the valuable items in your house.

Because there is no item more valuable than human life.



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