What to Do When Your Child Runs Away

Sometimes, the human instinct when facing a problem they can’t conquer is to run away. When we see something dangerous, like snakes or bears when trekking on a hill, what would your first response be? Yes, it’s running.

The very same thing might also apply to your kids. Sometimes, we might even wonder, “Why do kids run away?” Well, it can be for different reasons. Naturally, kids do love to run simply just to play. At that age, the kids can be pretty active and really want to play all day. Running is just a part of their busy activities.

But aside from the fun, there’s probably another reason, the bad one, that caused the kids to run away.

Why do kids run away?

When you see a kid running away from home, there could be potential problems that they have inside. The kids can be too shy to share their problems with their parents. And when the trouble keeps piling up, that’s when the stress bubble finally pops.

The kids tend to run away as a method to escape. Experience of bullying, mental health difficulties, and abuse may scare them for life. Parents may often confuse why their kids behave in such a way. Hopefully, by seeing this guide, you may take the correct action to solve the problems.

What to do if the child ran away from home?

After knowing the reasons to run away from home, now we want to tell you about what you need to do if your kids are running away from home. The first thing is not to panic. We know that it might be difficult to be in a calm state when your kid is missing, but it’s the only way to clear your mind, especially in a situation like this.

The immediate actions you can do are:

  • Checking the alarm. If you do have a monitoring app, you may check when the kid is leaving the house.
  • Using a monitoring app, like Eyezy. What is Eyezy? It is the app that helps parents to effectively locate their location. You can have this feature as long as the installation is done properly.
  • Go to their favorite places.
  • Search their rooms, and check whether they bring any important things with them or not. You may search the room to find a reason why the child running away. Maybe, just maybe, there’s something that they hide from you.

How to stop your child from running away?

After knowing what to do when your child runs away, it’s time for us to learn about how to prevent them to do the same thing in the future:

  • First, tell them how to solve their problems. Remind them that every problem has their own unique solution.
  • Accept them for what they are, not what they should be.
  • Always check your kid’s condition, and try to have a conversation with them.
  • Tell them that running away is not a solution. The problem still exists and it needs to be solved.


And that’s what you need to do when your kid is running away from home. We know that this condition will make any parent worried. They will do out of their way to find their kids, in such an emotional state.

So, the first thing we advise here is to be calm. Think about any possibilities. By using the monitoring apps, you may check their locations and expect to find them in the exact spot. Plus, you may also check the kid’s mental state condition by checking their social media, chats, messages, or any other important information.



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