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What To Expect From Your Home Builder, And What They Expect From You

With the expansion of cities being spearheaded by dedicated developers, it’s now easier than ever to build your own home as a first home-buyer. But with the myriad of choices that are available to you in regards to house and land packages, it can be tricky knowing what questions to ask first, or even what questions to ask at all! Here’s all you need to know if you’re looking to build your home with dedicated project home builders.

What to expect from them

Property profiles

Any reputable building agency will provide potential clients with in-depth profiles on all the properties and packages that they offer to ensure that whatever decision you make will be perfectly accommodating towards your family’s needs. Ready built homes (or spec homes) can be ideal for those of us who want a designer home without all the fuss, but you don’t want to commit to a mortgage without being fully informed on your home’s particulars. It’s in the best interests of your building agency to ensure that you’re 100% satisfied with your journey to homeownership, and the best way of ensuring your satisfaction is by providing you with thorough property rundowns.

Display homes

The ‘try before you buy’ ethos can be found in virtually every kind of consumer industry, and real estate is certainly not exempt from this. The main benefit of visiting display homes is that they provide you with a genuine feel of the homes that have been outlined on your building agency’s website. It’s one thing to consult a floor plan, but actually being able to walk through your potential home and experience the full functionality of its planning is an inarguable privilege that you should most definitely utilise prior to making any big decisions. And who knows? You may even find yourself falling in love with that very display home and opting to buy that instead!


As the majority of building agencies operate by developing good working relationships with business within the materials industries, building agencies are usually able to offer you great deals and discounts on premium building materials. This means that your home can come complete with premium features like chrome basins and marble countertops for a fraction of the price that you’d be expected to pay elsewhere. For this reason, it’s always worthwhile inquiring about any offers or deals that your building agency is able to offer you.

What they expect from you

An understanding of what you want

This isn’t to say that your building agency will expect you to have a totally stubborn vision for what you want your home to look and feel like. Instead, your building agency would most likely expect that you’ve had family discussions regarding your wants and needs prior to engaging in communication with any realtors or other industry workers. In essence, when you have a strong understanding of what you’re after, it becomes increasingly likely that your agency will be able to cater to your needs. It’s really a win-win.

Consideration of costs

There are two main reasons why first-time homeowners are opting for house and land packages over traditional property investments. The first is that when you purchase a house and land package, you’re guaranteed to be rewarded with a home that’s structurally modern and up-to-date. No worn or outdated features means you won’t have to spend anything on property maintenance on top of all your council and registration fees. The second reason is the fact that when you purchase a house and land package, you only need to pay stamp duty on your land, meaning that first-time homeowners are able to save tens of thousands of precious funds that could be better utilised elsewhere. Your building agency expects you to have a working understanding of the costs that you’re willing to bear over the length of this process. It’s incredibly valuable to take some time to think critically about the true impact that homeownership will hold on your personal finances.

Building for the future

Finally, all reputable building agencies will have a discussion with you regarding your projected wants and needs alongside your current situation. If you’re part of a young couple, this conversation will primarily revolve around your growing family. Although a two or three-bedroom place would suit your needs now, it’s safe to say that in just under a decade, this space may no longer be able to accommodate your family. When that day comes, you have one of three options to choose from: sell, renovate, or rebuild. Each option comes with its own set of future costs. What you may not know is that there’s a secret fourth option: building for the future. Moving into a home you can grow into can oftentimes be the most cost-effective solution in the long run, and if you’re planning for growth in a plethora of other areas in life, the funds you save could make a world of difference.

Be sure to ask your home builder as many questions as you can during this exciting process to ensure that you and your family are consistently making the right decisions surrounding your dream home!

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