What to Look for in a Side Gig

Having a side hustle can be a good way to boost your income. The extra money you make can be used to pay off debts, be put aside for a holiday, or can simply take the pressure off and make managing your monthly budget an easier task.

The right side gig will depend on your individual circumstances including the time you have, your availability, and your personality type. If you are looking to increase your income, here is what you should look for in a side gig:

Money Matters

You’ve probably heard the saying “time is money” — and it’s true. A side gig shouldn’t be all long hours for no pay. If you are going to do something on the side, it will likely impact your family and entertainment time and it should be worth your while. If you already have a particular skill you may even be able to use it to your advantage.

For example, if you dabble in photography you could take photos on the weekends. If you have experience in makeup, consider making extra cash beautifying clients for events. Or if you are a teacher you could offer tutoring services. Think about what you are good at, and if something stands out, it could be an obvious choice for a side gig.

Finding Support

Going out on your own is tough. Business is competitive and striking gold might not be as simple as building a website and waiting for customers. Having the backing of a supportive company with a network of experienced and friendly people could make all the difference.

One side gig worth investigating is Amway, as it is a trusted brand that will help you to meet new people while giving you all the tools you need to grow your own business. Making money with Amway is achievable with the right attitude and a little bit of work. The right side hustle will help you gain confidence, make new friends, and improve your life.

Flexibility for Your Lifestyle

How many spare hours do you have in a week? A side gig should fit in with your schedule so something flexible is key. Amway not only gives you the flexibility to work in your own time, but it has numerous benefits for those who are passionate about the products.

When you have a flexible side gig you can work around your kids, or at a time that suits your unique situation. Before choosing your additional income stream you should be realistic about how much spare time you really have. How many hours a week do you have to dedicate to the project, and does this fit the number of hours that will be required for success?

Be Cautious

Be careful of “get rich quick” schemes that request a large financial outlay. Look for established companies that offer support and are committed to your venture being a successful one. If you are not sure whether something is legitimate or not, you can contact the federal Scams and Frauds service.


In summary, a side gig can be fulfilling and a great way to make some extra money. Look for something that has both flexibility and ongoing support, as this will boost the likelihood of a positive outcome. And be cautious of scams, as there are plenty of people who only want to take your money.

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