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What to Look for in an Apartment

The search for the perfect apartment can be challenging, and it is essential to be well prepared and know as much as possible about the new place before signing a contract. You have to be careful in your hunt for an apartment. You need to have specific questions and make fast decisions in your search, which can be stressful.

Sites, like DARO Apartments, can help you in the search process. When you do find a place you like, it is best to contact the management company or landlord and schedule a viewing. You always want to view a situation before giving any money or signing a contract.

Hunting for an apartment is stressful, and you need to know the right questions to ask when in the search process. Here’s a list of some essential items to ask while on your apartment hunt:

  • What are the lease terms?
  • Do you require first and last month’s rent? Security deposit?
  • Are utilities included in the cost?
  • What is your pet policy?
  • Do you require renter’s insurance?
  • How do I pay my rent?
  • How are repairs taken care of? Who do I call if there’s an emergency repair needed?
  • How often does rent go up and by how much?
  • Do I have a parking space?
  • Is there a penalty for violating my lease?

It doesn’t matter if you love the place if there’s something that you need and they are not offering. Below is a list of things to consider to help when looking for an apartment.

Get a Feel for the Neighborhood

The neighborhood you decide to live in can impact your life. There are several things to consider about your potential community, such as are their grocery stores and pharmacies nearby, the commute to work, and do you feel safe in the neighborhood.

Inspect Doors and Windows

This might not seem important, but doors and windows play a key role in feeling safe and protected in your home. They also keep you warm in the winter. Inspect the doors by making sure the locks are secure, and they open and close properly, and make sure the windows lock and you don’t feel any air coming through the seal.

Test the Plumbing and Water Pressure

Plumbing inspections should be done regularly by the apartment management company or landlord, but before you agree on the apartment, you want t make sure it is working correctly.  Turning on the shower and flushing a toilet will show you if the water pressure is decent. Also, view around the sinks and toilets for any leaks.

Check Electrical Outlets

Test the electrical outlets during your viewing. You want to make sure that there are no electrical problems in your potential apartment. You could walk around the apartment and test outlets by plugging in your phone.

Assess Furnace and Air Conditioner

You want to make sure that the heat and air conditioner are in good working order. IT doesn’t matter what the season is. Test the heat and air to make sure that if this is your new apartment, they will be working when you need them.

Be Attentive of Ceilings, Walls, and Floors

Be attentive when you are viewing an apartment. Pay attention to what you see when you are walking around, does the ceiling have a water leak, are the floors dirty, is the floor cracked? These are items that need to be addressed by the management company or landlord and fixed. Also, does the ceiling and walls need to be repainted? Or do you want the entire place cleaned before you move in? These are things you need to be on the lookout for and make people aware of.

Pay Attention to the Noise Level

Pay attention to the noise level when you are viewing a potential apartment. Listen to see what sounds you can hear outside, can you hear the neighbors through the wall, or is the hallway particularly busy to get an understanding of the noise level in the apartment building.

Inspect the Cell Phone Reception

Cell phones are a big part of people’s lives, and how they stay connected, so you want to be sure that the reception at your potential new home is secure. Send a text or make a phone call to confirm that the reception is excellent.

Read Your Lease Carefully

Make sure you go through your lease very carefully before signing anything. If you need more time, then ask for it. Although the apartment hunt is competitive, it’s essential to know you can take your time to ensure that you are 100 percent committed before signing a lease. Signing the contract is a big deal, so if you have any questions, you need to ask.

Final Thoughts

There are possibly more questions to ask, but you want to have these basics covered to help with making your apartment search and deciding if a place is a right fit for you.

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