What To Wear To All Occasions

Spring is coming and you don’t know what to wear? Don’t worry: you are not alone. What to wear to all occasions is a good question, by the way. In the modern world of the abundance of clothes styles, it may be uneasy to find the clothes suitable for each occasion, especially if your income is not really outstanding. However, there are clothes which are possible to be used for all occasions.

First of all, let’s overview casual style. If you are a fan of such a dress code, these things are for you to take into consideration when shopping:


These classical colors will suit everyone with each possible body shape. If the colors are combined properly, they will underline your strengths and hide your weaknesses. For example, if your size is L and more, it’s better to wear the clothes of dark shades and straight black lines up to down. This body type is not welcome to wear the clothes with horizontal lines. So, black color can highlight your curves, if only it is used with appropriately.

2. Jeans

These clothes can be really used whenever you like. There many different styles, forms, colors of jeans for you to choose. Of course, if your regular daily activity is connected with official events it would be better to avoid torn jeans selecting classical variants. Combining jeans to classical jackets is a good way to express your individuality. Besides, it’s good for those who live active lives.

3. Cocktail Dress

4. Sneakers

A pair of stylish casual sneaker will not be least important clothes detail. It’s trendy this season to wear sneakers, not high heel shoes. Additionally, this type of shoes is good for those who spend the vast majority of their day standing. They are comfortable, to sum up. Sneakers can be perfectly combined with both trousers and skirts, so you are not limited at all in your clothes choice. Find the sneakers accordingly to your favorite color gamma.
The times of the little black dress fade away despite the fact that some people still like it. Hope, that you can think out of the box. Cocktail dresses are becoming more and more popular today because you may wear them both at the parties, public events, and everyday life. There are many various kinds of dresses for every taste preference. Cocktail dresses are neither too short and too long, so they are easy to bear.


We’ve finished with casual style, and it’s time to switch to the sporty style.

It’s worth mentioning that the sporty style is not the sporty style without these things:


All the advantages of your legs will be underlined with the proper style and color of leggings. If you have no problems with being overweight, you may choose the bright and light colors. However, if you have, it’s better to dress up in dark colors. So, think twice before you buy a pair of leggings or else people might play jokes on you. We’d rather you did it.

2. Top

A nice top is a guarantee or rejection of you as a woman. It can either highlight you and make you stand out of a crowd or smash your style out. Choose the one which contrasts with the color of your skin and shine. The quality of fabrics is also very important. Cotton tops are comfortable, however, not really very practical. The combination of tissues is a good choice for you.

3. Cap

The sun is extremely active these days, so you’d better plan on purchasing a cap. Besides, the stylish cap will signify your individuality. With a help of a cap, you can draw the attention of a right guy into your life, to be honest. Men notice women with fashionable details of clothes.


Hence, if you haven’t decided yet what to buy, you may consider these options. Mix the styles if you like. Combine the sporty style with the casual style, whatever. Be creative. Wearing the right clothes is very important. First of all, people notice the way you look, and only within some time, they will finally get to know what kind of person you really are.

Don’t waste your time and imagine your ideal look. Take into account all the peculiarities of your body shape, hair, and color of your eyes. Dress only the clothes which benefit you. Enjoy your shopping! Have a nice day!

Written by Amanda Thompson http://thecrossfitshoes.com/



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  1. Jeans and a nice top along with a pair of cool athletic shoes are my go-to outfit. If warm, a nice tank top but if colder a nice hoody. I love casual!

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