What Women Really Want in a Man

The female temperament is fickle at best and dreamy to say the least. There are dozens of married and otherwise ‘taken’ women in this world that spend an awful lot of time thinking about what they really want in a man versus what the man in their life actually offers. In fact, each relationship that you have helps you to tailor down the outline of the qualities that are and aren’t important to you. Just when you think you know you want you meet the man of your dreams and realize quickly that money, perfect hair or sensitivity just aren’t what they were cracked up to be.

The stereotype suggests that it is men who are confused. They want to somehow blend the trophy wife with the matriarchal queen that was their mother. But the truth is, that often it is women who are most confused about what they want. And exactly what they want is ever changing depending upon the stage in life they have reached. Sadly, few men can live up to a woman’s expectations from the beginning to the end of the relationship which is precisely why many marriages and unions don’t work out for an eternity. So what do women really want in a man?

Most women, whether they admit it or not want a man to be a man. Not some WWF wrestler with big bulging muscles and an attitude, but a protector, a pillar of strength. As a woman, you want a man to make you feel safe and protected. By and large, women also like men that take care of things ‘manly.’ It is important to not confuse this ideal of manliness with that of ego. Women generally are only attracted to egomaniacs that pump their muscles in front of the mirror for a short period of time. In fact, a manly man can be one who is artistic, businesslike, musically inclined or any other of the perceived softer qualities. The point is that a woman, even one who doesn’t need protection, still wants to feel the chivalry that is men.

The range of sensitivity that women desire differs per person. Generally speaking, though, it is nice to have a balance of sensitivity with rationalism when it comes to men. Sure, they won’t be weepy and crying in front of you on the first day of your child’s preschool but they are still soft enough to feel a shift in emotions that is evident. Instead of them worrying about themselves during a time of need, a woman wants a man to giver her some arms to lean on. This by no means indicates that a man shouldn’t cry, shouldn’t be sensitive just not overly so. A man that is admittedly super self-conscious, and unconfident normally stays single a long time. At the same time, women want a man that knows what love is, looks like and how to show it, especially to his family.

One of the most important things that women want in a man is a sense of occupation. Unemployed do-nothings are not desirable. It is nice to have a man in your life that can hold down a job even if it doesn’t pay a lot, and who is considerate of the future and the financial needs of a family. Women aren’t the gold diggers that they are made out to be. But a man who works steadily, and successfully in any trade, whether they get their hands dirty or tire out their fingers typing, is very attractive. This work ethic is one that suits long-term relationships best. Many women try dating the fly by your seat of your pants, unemployed free spirit types usually to find that the gypsy lifestyle is not very comfortable.

What else do women want in a man? They want a man that can say, ‘I love you,’ and mean. One who is faithful and proud of his wife or girlfriend. They want a man who doesn’t expect them to fill his mother’s shoes and who knows exactly where the dirty laundry basket in the house is hiding. They also want a man who is able to think of her. Again, this doesn’t mean brining her flowers and putting her up on some high pedestal (which can be very annoying) but a man who knows what his lady likes, appreciates, enjoys doing, and needs. And if he knows, and is able to help her dreams come true from time to time, that is an incredible bonus. They want a man who looks past PMS, who forgives them for being catty and who doesn’t roll their eyes, shrug their shoulders, or make stupid comments when they spend 2 hours bitching on the phone with friends or their mother. They also want a man that is faithful, honest, respecting, and appreciative.

Will He Be a Good Father

When a couple becomes parents women start wanting different things in a man. In fact, some of the things you may have thought you wanted become problematic when a child comes a long. For instance, a man that wants to spend all his time with you can become jealous when his woman becomes a mother. A man that is constantly working hard to please and deliver in the bedroom can be irritated with pregnancy and a woman’s body issues afterwards. (Not to mention restraints on time). A man that is handy around the home but hopeless with domestic duties, can be frustratingly menacing in a marriage with children.

The best thing for a woman to do when deciding what she wants in a man is to keep a few things at the top of her list. There are very few people that actually fit into a definition of a perfect partner. And if they do or seemingly do, there is likelihood that they are hiding something or not being completely honest. Perhaps the biggest thing that woman really want in a man is the chance to get to know him how he really is. In other words, they want a man that can be himself, that knows himself and that is committed to trying to make a relationship work through mutual quirks and faults. There is no perfect man, just like there is no perfect woman. There are however, perfect matches when it comes to relationships and they are much easier to find when both men and women, know what is important to them. Once you know what is important, you know exactly where you can be flexible when it comes to your relationships.



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