When do Puppies Open their Eyes

Some may shoot back instantly that it would be instantaneously but in reality the road towards complete vision is gradual, and one that is spread over a fortnight with eyelids opening up only after 12 days. As researchers put it, a near parallel to the human infants yet not so near since our progenies take a much longer duration in recognizing the occupants of the world. This is because in the case of humans the vision to the naked eyes is rewarded only a few weeks after their birth. Considering the short period within which the puppies see the light of the day, indeed the world, in comparison with the tardy pace of our infants ,may seem as injustice to the human race, a fact which is only diminished by another fact that humans have an elongated life span and that the canines depart the world even before our children reach the age of puberty.

A birth in our society is always happiness laden; just the excitement with which it is feted varies depending upon the species to which the new entrant belongs to. A pup’s birth, pray not a stray one, evokes high decibels of joy and is sure to add cheer in the face of its master. Joyful he or she is for the practical purposes, commercial purposes or for the true love to rear it by making it share their living space. Regardless of the pup being cared by its owner the bitch never lets it go off its fold and the young ones too oblige as they are immobile in their nascent stage and the maximum motion possible for them would be feeding on the mother’s milk towards which they are attracted for its flavor and smell. The milk provides all the essential nourishments to invigorate their physical growth in their budding stage.

Gestation period of the puppies within the mother’s womb before making exit or rather an entry into world is of 9 weeks. Triplets, quadruplets during a single pregnancy never make head lines in the canine world as it is considered to be very normal to deliver more than two pups. The mother’s licking of the pups is crucial in the post natal phase in that to a certain extent it plays a role in shaping them physically apart from the cozy atmosphere which wraps them while clinging to the mother’s body. This also helps them to be reclusive from the weather considered to be hostile to the newborns. The nature calls are entirely attended by the mother in this neo natal phase as the pups never have control over their genitals.

Puppies are born deaf and blind but not dumb as is inferred from their birth. The eyelids are jelled in the initial stage when they are born and the cleavage appears approximately on the 12th day leading to complete opening of the lids with the appearance of blue colored eyes. By this time they are already well into crawling when they get vision that is confined to shades. Bright light is considered to be hazardous at this juncture when the eyes have just started to make out the things around them and also taking a little more time for recognition. Around the same time the pup double their body weight and are all set to enter into the transitional period where they tread the natural course to learn other acts. The puppies respond effectively to human calls in this transitional period and the taming of the animal could be carried out with sustained efforts.



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