Where to Find Storage Space in the Small Ambiance?

Let’s figure it out: where to find storage space in a small apartment

The content of the article:

1 When we see free space – we use it

2 Choose pieces with a “rich inner world”

3 Moving to the next level

4 What about the corners?

5 Make from your storage a decorative technique

If you decided to improve your ambiance, you should think about the storage system. To hide everything behind the facades of large-sized wardrobes, and choose glossy or mirrored facades to reflect light and visually enlarge the space – this is the traditional way to organize storage in a small apartment. Traditional, but not the only one. We have collected 5 non-trivial tips.

We see free space – we use it

Do you see storage space? You should look harder if the answer is no.

Often, the section of the wall above the doorway and next to it remains unused, and here you can place a home library, beautifully arrange dishes, store hats, bags, clothes, and towels, and arrange collections and souvenirs.

The same goes for the space behind the bed. Instead of bedside tables, full-fledged wardrobes may appear on the sides of the bed, which will converge with the letter “P” above its headboard.

Making the walls “work” for the benefit of compact storage can free up precious “squares” on the floor and the room will appear larger. After all, crampedness and clutter are felt first of all when we stumble upon something while walking.

Do not want to occupy the wall in the bedroom with shelves? Try moving the bed away from the wall and organizing storage behind the headboard.

Let’s look further. A full-fledged drawer for pans, kitchen textiles, or plates can fit into the gap between the kitchen set and the floor. And if the gap remains between the cabinets and the wall, this is the place for a narrow retractable module.

Do not forget about the reverse side of the closet door, here you can place hooks, wire baskets, or textile organizers for storing bags, shoes, and accessories. The same trick is easy to do with interior doors.

The facade of the cabinets can also be equipped with an additional portion of hooks. This is a good life hack for the hallway: do not hang clothes that are wet after the rain in the closet.

Do not forget about the ends of the cabinets. You can place the same hooks or wire mesh on them.

Choose pieces with a “rich inner world”

Almost every piece of furniture in a small apartment can be multifunctional, in addition to the main function, it can provide storage.

When choosing an ottoman in the bedroom or a bench in the kitchen, pay attention to what they have inside. Organizers for storing shoes and accessories can be hidden under the seat of the pouf, here you can hide a blanket, towels, magazines, and toys. Part of the dishes, provisions, and kitchen textiles will fit under the bench. It can even be equipped with a special drawer for pet bowls so that they do not hang under your feet in the kitchen.

To find such multifunctional pieces you can search in the meridian furniture assortment. 

Moving to a new level

If a bed lives in a small apartment, it should be a bed with at least drawers for storing linens. And better – a bed with a podium made to order for individual needs.

The podium can reach various heights, and the ends of this design should be used as a rack.

If the ceiling height allows, get a two-tier structure: a sleeping place on top, a dressing room below, a mini-office, a sofa, a play area(if we are talking about a nursery), or another bed. At the same time, the stairs to the “second floor” can also be turned into an additional storage system. Why do we need simple steps, if you can make steps-boxes?

To some, the idea of ​​sleeping under the ceiling will seem unsafe. This problem will be solved by special bed rails from falls.

What about the corners?

Corners are the most unclaimed part of the living space. But this is a vacant place for hanging shelves, which, if necessary, can “grow” from floor to ceiling. Your home plants, shoes, books, dishes, and decor will love these shelves.

The corner can be played with the help of radius shelves, which will create a streamlined effect and support the trend of rounding in the interior.

Make from your storage a decorative technique

Instead of hiding everything acquired by overwork behind doors and facades, dumping it on loggias, and hiding it on the mezzanine, you can turn storage into a decorative technique.

If you have a collection of hats, do not send them to gather dust on the shelves, but hang them on the wall as decorations, the same applies to your guitar, tennis rackets, or snowboard. Even storing a bicycle in an apartment can be turned into a design solution.

A well-organized storage system is one of the pillars of an ergonomic interior, for the construction of which it is sometimes necessary to resort to professional help.



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