Where To Meet The Heads Of Big Companies and Corporations

Are you are tired of trying to reach just the small fish small business owners from around your area?   I know how you feel.

Who do you think you can get a $10,000 a month SEO contract from?  Not from Bob the Florist. Want to land a million dollar contract to do rewriting on a business.  Your average small business owner isn’t going to be able to help you.   Sometimes the only thing you need to do to start making good money is landing 1-2 good clients that are midsize businesses in the 5 million plus range.

But where to meet them?

Here is a list of 4 tips that will help you to meet these midsize business owners:

Tony Robbins Business Mastery Meetings

Have you ever heard of Tony Robbins? Many have! He is one of the leading entrepreneurs of our time. He just so happens to also, on a regular basis, host hundreds of events each and every year. The purpose of these events is that thousands of business owners, with common aspirations and visions, would come into one accord to energize and encourage each other unto passionate behavior and works.

You may want to highly consider looking into one of these events. It may just change your life forever!.  What is there to lose? While you are there, you will get advice from the experts, meeting and greeting with the heads of the business world (And plenty of midsize business owners). Who knows, you may just find a person willing to come alongside you that will turn your world upside down by giving you a great contract you always dreamed of.


For the most part, we all have a Facebook, an Instagram, a Twitter, or a Snapchat—something that connects us with the outside world—something that, in the past, was not present. You as a business professional now have the opportunity to connect with other business professionals through a platform called LinkedIn (Just in case you were living under a rock).

If your heart’s desire is to grow your business and expand your professional horizons, then LinkedIn is the place to be and if you like what you see, then why not stay? Just be sure that when you are connecting with another professional, via direct messaging through the platform, that your business spiel is A-plus material, otherwise, you may not make it past first base.

But don’t be afraid or intimidated; they are like-minded individuals, and every single one of them has been in the same place as you at one point (assuming you are not deep in your field quite yet).

Business Sales Workshops and Seminars

Aside from Tony Robbins, there are many other seminars into which you may mesh. It would in fact be advantageous to sit before individuals that have gone before you. OR, say you are already an accomplished businessman, then a seminar is still the place for you; for two reasons specifically: A seminar is a great place to encourage the younger men and women in your sphere, and perhaps even take them under your wing. It is also good to always be in a place where you are being poured into and encourage yourself! This isn’t a lone wolf world; we need each other.

Visit Trade Shows in Your Niche

are an effective way to advertise. When it comes to trade shows, it is best that you go to one for your specific niche. You will definitely be benefitted by any you go to, but there is something special about one that contains people (And particularly Big Business owners) with whom you find common ground.  Don’t worry if your company doesn’t have a booth available, trade show rental booths are available.  Also you don’t have to have a booth the first few time you go.

I’m sure you will be blown away when you see how many stories and people are similar to you and yours, and just how many lives have been taken out of far less desirable situations.

Keep searching! See what you can find. You will be elated I’m sure. Know that there are all sorts of ways to find the owners of big companies. Doing so will inevitably be the way you find your own business metamorphosing into something perhaps much more substantial than you ever imagined.

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