Why Cat Toys are Necessary – They Help Reduce Stress

Cats are unique in their personalities, their individual quirks, and their affinity towards play. All cats enjoy some sort of fun activity, it is your job as their owner to decipher what type of play most interests your cat, and what type of toys are needed to supplement this behavior.

Toys are necessary for cats, just as they are for dogs. Toys help alleviate boredom in your pet. They also help channel instinctive behaviors into a format that is acceptable for indoor domestic play time, namely prey-chasing behaviors. Engaging in playful activities with your cat also provides him with an opportunity for exercise, which most indoor cats are in desperate need o, as well as presents the opportunity for you to bond with your pet.

Supplying your pet with appropriate toys can be fun, but be sure to buy safe toys. There are several factors that can contribute to your toy buying thoughts including the size of your cat, his activity level, and his personal preferences regarding enjoyable activities. Keep these things in mind when purchasing toys for your beloved feline.

Keep in mind that the items that seem most appealing to cats are often the most potentially dangerous. Easily ingested materials pose the biggest threat. These items include string, ribbon, yarn, rubber bands, plastic milk jug rings, paper clips, pins, and needles. All of these items should e kept away from your cat, or he may end up choking on them or causing internal injury.

Any stuffed toys should e as child proof as they are cat proof. If the toy is not labeled as “safe for children under three,” then what would make it safe for a cat? Remove any fixtures of a toy that are additional to the original structure, such as buttons, feathers, string, ribbon, etc. The stuffing in a plush toy should also be inspected for safety. Toys with small plastic squeakers are also dangerous, as they can e ingested if the toy is shredded by your cat. Plastic toys can be safer, but most cats will not play with them.

There are a great number of toys that are both safe and fun for your cat to enjoy. The following list can give you some ideas:

  • Plastic balls. You can purchase these specifically designed for cats or you can get ping pong balls. Some plastic cat balls are designed with bells inside, try to avoid these, as they can be ingested.
  • Plastic Rings. These toys are fun to bat around. Use can easily use shower curtain rings. They can also be strung together and hung for something to play with.
  • Paper Bags. These common household products are a wonderland for cats to hide in. Be sure to remove any handles first. Cardboard boxes also serve the same purpose.
  • Plush Toys. These types of soft playmates can be fun for cats; they seem to especially like miniature mice. They can become even more enticing when stuffed with catnip, a harmless product. Cats will rub, scratch, and lick catnip toys for hours.
  • Plain Catnip. Catnip can be purchased for your pet at any pet store. You can sprinkle it on any surface and your cat will love rolling in it.
  • Scratching Posts. These items are of benefit to both you and your cat. They encourage your cat to scratch it, not your furniture. Add a swinging bird or mouse to the top for even more inviting play.

Toys should e rotated often in order to ensure that your cat will not become bored. You can even try hiding them so your cat will have fun when he stumbles across the “planted” toy. Be sure you are not using toys as a way to occupy your cat without him bothering you. Cats need people time, so a toy such as a stick with a mouse on the end can involve you both. You will e amazed at the acrobatics your cat will perform to chase and catch that mouse.



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