Why Foundation Repair is Better Option than Foundation Replacement?

Whenever we know that our house’s foundation has suffered damage, the first thing we think about is to replace it, without realizing there are many other options, way better than the replacement.

Though replacement is crucial, but only in rare circumstances when there is no other solution and the foundation is seeming to collapse, in that case, an instant foundation repair is a must. However, before jumping up to the replacement, one must first consult a professional contractor and figure out if our foundation needs a replacement or the problem can be solved by simply repairing it.

Foundation repair comes with lots of benefits that can potentially make it a better option than replacement. So let’s discuss a few reasons that prove foundation repairing is for sure the best choice among all.

Time-efficient Solution than that of Replacement

Foundation repair is the fastest method to get a new-like foundation as it can be done in as little as 3 days. Replacement, on the other hand, can drive you crazy due to the prolonged sessions. An average foundation replacement takes about 8 to 10 weeks to finish. So when it comes to time efficiency, foundation repair for sure wins the race.

Offers a Great Amount of Flexibility

In replacement, you don’t get many options, and the foundation is replaced on the whole and nothing more. In comparison, roanoke foundation repair contractors comes with lots of flexibility and options. For instance, it comes with lots of separate services like crack repair, foundation leakage problems, insulation issues, and many more, thus offering the client a large range of flexibility by providing him various options to choose from.

Light on Your Pockets

Though foundation repair is itself an expensive service, if compared with replacement, one might easily see that it is way more affordable than the latter. Foundation replacement can cost up to $174 00, and this amount is not something that a regular job holder can afford. So, in this case, opting for repair seems like a much feasible option as it costs $4000 to $10,000 depending upon the nature of the problem.

Comes With Lesser Destruction

No one likes the hassle of destruction. Lots of destruction accompanies foundation replacement because, in this case, the whole house is lifted, and then the base is changed completely. In the repair situation, only the issue is resolved by minimum or no destruction possible, and the rest of the house isn’t involved.

A Sense of Comfort

Foundation repair is a more comfortable option for the homeowners as they are not disturbed in the process. The constructors are confined to work only in the basement or the crawlspace. There is no need for the homeowners to empty the house and move out until the replacement is over. While in the replacement, the owners have to go through all of this hassle.

So given the above reasons, it is crystal clear that foundation repair is for sure a much better option than replacement. Though you can’t deny the fact that replacement also has its benefits and it sometimes becomes crucial when the foundation is undergoing some severe damage that can’t be repaired.



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