Why Gummies Are The Best Way To Get Your CBG

Based on the fact that you opened this article, we will assume that you know something about CBG (Cannabigerol). It is a safe and non-psychedelic component of the Cannabis plant. Because it has a basic cell structure, CBG can become other cannabinoids through synthesis with other compounds. It is this basic nature that has lead some to call CBG “the master cannabinoid.”

As with all other legal Cannabis products, there are many ways to enjoy CBG. You can get CBG-dominant flowers (buds) that can be broken up and smoked like any other dried plant. You can get concentrates that are smoked, vaped, or dabbed. You can also get edibles that contain this substance, so there is no shortage of possibilities. In this article, we will discuss why we think the humble gummy candy is the best and most universal method.

Disguises The Taste

One funny thing about Cannabis is the fact that many people don’t like its taste when eaten. Even if they find its smell to be very appealing, and even if they don’t mind the taste when smoked, eating Cannabis is a different experience. If you try to do things in this way, you are eating a lot of useless plant material that doesn’t give you anything. You are also getting unknown quantities of the various cannabinoids.

People have traditionally mixed the Cannabis plant with sweet foods like brownies, and gummy bears fit the bill nicely as well. There is something about sugary foods that disguises the taste of Cannabis very well. That’s just one reason why Gummy bears make an ideal medium for CBG delivery. By the time it’s done, they are unlikely to taste any different from any other gummy candy.

No Accessories Required

Most methods of taking CBG involve an accessory of one sort or another. For instance, if you want to roll up some CBG flowers, you will need rolling papers and a lighter. Pipes, bongs, and dab rigs are also examples of accessories that have to be purchased separately.

For legal reasons, it can be problematic to own or carry some of these things, as they can easily be mistaken for illegal drug paraphernalia. However, when you go with some gummies, you don’t have to worry about any of that. You can just pop the candy into your mouth and continue whatever you were doing before. As for legal risks, very few law enforcement officers are likely to harass you over a gummy.

No Smoke Involved

Most methods of cannabis use involve combustion and the inhalation of smoke. Even vaping relies on this principle to some degree. While this isn’t really a big problem, inhaling smoke is not good for your lungs. To be fair, most Hemp smokers will never smoke enough to actually do significant damage to their lungs, but that’s beside the point.

The point is that those who have lung damage or breathing problems need to avoid inhaling any kind of smoke. Not only that, but all smoke contains carcinogens. Hemp smoke definitely contains fewer carcinogens than tobacco, but that’s not saying much. The bottom line here is that the smoke itself is the only unhealthy thing about smoking Hemp. The use of gummies eliminates that problem entirely.

Widely Available

When was the last time you saw a CBG dab at your local store? Chances are, you didn’t see anything of the kind. Apart from specialty shops, not many brick-and-mortar stores are selling CBG products. However, if they do, it is likely to be a pack of gummies. These things have a much longer shelf life than many other Cannabis products, so they are more likely to be stocked.

The legal Cannabis industry is booming right now, and gummies are one of the top sellers. We have already discussed some of the reasons for this popularity, but now we are talking about its results. CBG gummies are just plain easier to find than most other forms.

Consistent Dosage

When you buy CBG-dominant flower, you never really know how much Cannabigerol is in there. The seller will probably give you a rough percentage, but that’s all you have. In reality, every plant will have a slightly different level. Because CBG gummies are made with pure extracts, you can be sure that you are getting an equal amount of CBG in each one. For those who are using this stuff medically, a consistent dosage can only be helpful.


While flowers, vapes, dabs, and edibles from mr hemp flower are all great, we think that the gummy candy offers the most convenient delivery method for your daily dose of CBG. It’s so easy and quick that you don’t even have to give it much thought. Not only that, but it’s just processed enough to give you the consistency and potency that you surely desire. Of course, it should be noted that this is only an opinion and that you are certainly free to form your own.



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