Why is it So Hard to Heal Myself?

Heal Myself

5 Possible Hidden Reasons

Here is a startling statistic – the amount of money spent on alternative or holistic forms of medicine is predicted to jump by over 300% internationally between 2021 and 2029.

Are we getting healthier? Some people are. In general Americans tend to be less healthy and die sooner than people in other wealthy countries, even though we spend way more on health care and consume more drugs.

Most of the healing and coaching clients I work with tend to eat healthy diets and exercise, and the majority do some form of meditation or other consciousness-raising activities. Yet even those from this privileged population often struggle with depression, overwhelm and feeling stuck in a rut.

You’ll learn some surprising reasons for this, as well as five powerful ways to heal yourself more effectively.

  1. It’s all coming to the surface

We are living in a very different world than our ancestors did. According to ancient writings from India and the Mayans of Central America the human race has been going through huge cycles of consciousness for many thousands of years. We are now living in an unstable part of the cycle that is challenging us to deeply change. This means that lots of difficult emotional issues that our ancestors were able to sweep under the rug are now up and in our faces. That’s difficult, and can make you feel stressed and burdened for no apparent reasons.

  1. Your pain is not all your own

You and I are living in a time of ascending consciousness. The human race is waking up into a more expanded state, and what we’re going through now could be seen as growing pains. One of these is that we are all becoming more empathic and more aware of the experiences of others. This could be a good thing when you are surrounded by sincere, open-hearted people. But it’s a burden when so many people around us are going through scary, painful experiences. In his book A New Earth author Eckhardt Tolle described how huge numbers of people with affinities to each other are sharing what he called “pain bodies”. This means you are likely feeling the pain of countless other people in your own body and mind.

  1. Energy and chemical toxins

According to the United Nations Environment Program over 10 million tons of chemical toxins are released into our environment by industry every year. We are also bombarded by man-made electromagnetic fields that are vastly greater existed in the past. Children in the US are also now routinely given 40 to 70 doses of vaccines by the time they reach 18 years of age. This is way more than most of us received as children. It is unknown how all this will affect us. We can assume that much of this is putting greater burdens on our bodies. Whatever affects our bodies also affects our minds and feelings.

  1. Hidden manipulators

There are lots of powerful industries that profit from you feeling sick or afraid. Many of these have undue influence on our governments. Because of how digitally interconnected we are this can be a huge, often under looked factor in the reduction of our wellness.

  1. The bar has been raised so step up

John Lennon wrote a song in the 1970’s called Instant Karma, which refers to the consequences of our thoughts and actions often coming back to us right away. This is how it is now during this time of expanding consciousness. Negative mental habits such as frequent worrying, complaining, judging or gossiping can literally make you sick.

So what can you do about all these factors that may be contributing to you not feeling good? During this time of consciousness ascension it is more important than ever to be proactive about what thoughts you entertain in your mind because they will manifest into your reality more quickly.

Cultivate your commitment to thoughts and habits of appreciation, kindness, love forgiveness and focusing on the bigger picture. Do your best to eat foods that build your energy vibration and avoid processed and chemicalized ones. Commit yourself to meditation practices that work for you, so you are frequently touching the source of well-being. Give back generously to others from your gifts and resources because that puts you in harmony with the field of universal love and radiance that we are awakening into. 

Darren Starwynn is the author of several groundbreaking books, leads workshops and trainings, and invented vibrational medical devices used worldwide. He mentors thousands of healthcare practitioners, healers, meditators and business owners to embody Quantum principles of healing, spirituality and success. Darren’s helps people rapidly release limitations to their full, joyful self-expression. He serves as lead minister of Lightworker Ministry. For powerful healing resources visit https://drstarwynn.com/.





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