Why Should You Invest in a Cat Scratching Post?

Cats may be the ideal pet for you. Independent but loyal at the same time, playful but intelligent, cats can be just the companion you need to give your life a splash of color. But, although they don’t necessarily need to be walked like a dog, cats need to be given enough activity to channel their energy where it belongs; otherwise, they risk becoming destructive.

In this regard, one of the easiest ways to channel your cat’s energy is through a cat scratching post. But what are the benefits of a cat scratcher, and why should it not be missing from any home? In the following article, we will try to answer these questions and analyze why cats show unique behavior among animals domesticated by humans.

Why Do I Need a Cat Scratcher in the First Place?

Cats are pretty distinct compared to other animals we can keep around because they seem to have domesticated themselves. Specifically, with the advent of agriculture, people began storing their grain in communal spaces, consequently attracting rodents who now had a free feast. Cats are natural predators, and the new abundance of rodents gathered in the same place provided them with an ideal hunting ground, and from there began a mutually beneficial relationship that has spanned thousands of years.

In fact, the cats found in your home are genetically almost identical to those found in the wild, and 95% of their DNA is similar to that of a tiger. Where are we going with this? Well, cats do an excellent job of maintaining their wild traits and instincts, and one of those is their tendency to claw, which is why a cat scratching post becomes a must if you care about your furniture.

Cats have scent glands in their claws, which are discharged when used. The process is similar to that of a dog marking its territory. The bone structure of a cat’s claws is also different from what we might expect, and their claws act as separate joints. When a cat claws an object, it is as if it is stretching its ligaments a little, which gives it excellent relief. Lastly, cats scratch things because it removes the thin layer outside their claws, which is related to their grooming habits. A cat cannot rationalize, and to them, your expensive sofa seems as good an object as any to claw. So, you need to give it a more attractive alternative, which can come in the form of a cat scratching post.

A Fun and Helpful Toy

The last thing you need is a cat that isn’t stimulated enough. Cat toys can come in many sizes and shapes, but as a general rule, they take advantage of your cat’s natural hunting instincts, allowing them to be relatively uncomplicated contraptions. A simple fishing pole can be an ideal toy for your furry friend, as can a ball or laser pointer. But there is another type of tool that, although it has a practical purpose, can simply be a toy for your cat.

A cat scratcher can be an ideal toy for your cat as it allows them to use their energy. But cats are interesting creatures when it comes to how they choose to spend their time. 70% of their lives are spent sleeping, but in that 30% in which they are active, they are always alert and ready for the hunt. A cat scratching post can be an ideal tool for your cat to relax and distract itself with an object that you won’t mind them messing with. Felines are fascinating creatures because, compared to dogs, they don’t conform to our sleeping schedule. But why do they conserve so much energy, and why do their active hours seem so random?

Remnants of a Master Hunter

Cats are crepuscular, meaning they are especially active in the early morning or at dusk. If you’ve ever woken up at five in the morning because your cat thought it was Usain Bolt on the living room carpet, then you already know what we’re talking about. They have this schedule because their natural prey is also active at those times, and bigger predators are still asleep, so they can hunt unabashedly. Although nowadays, the only thing they hunt is your curtains.

For the rest of the day, you may see them sleeping. But their sleep is interesting because it comes in two types. Most of the time, cats are relaxed but still alert enough to be aware of events around them. You can tell if your cat is in this type of sleep if its eyes don’t seem completely closed. The second type of sleep is deep sleep, and they may also experience Rapid Eye Movement, which they have in common with us. Between sleep, they are ready to hunt, which is why a cat scratcher can be ideal for helping them release some of their built-up energy.

Buy a Cat Scratcher and Save Your Furniture

Every cat is a miniature apex predator, and because they have tamed themselves, they retain those primal hunting instincts that make them both adorable and a nuisance if you don’t give them enough attention. If they have nothing to hunt and nowhere to stretch their claws, then your expensive furniture can become the most exciting object in the world for your adorable friend, and this is something you don’t want. A cat scratcher can be ideal for dispersing its energy and keeping your home intact.

But don’t think you can buy a cat scratching post and consider the problem of your cat’s activity solved. True, they are more independent than dogs, but they still need constant interaction and times when you play with them. Just as you enjoy your pet’s company, they want yours. And they may not be as expressive as a dog, but they love you just as much, in their own way. And sometimes they catch mice, which is a nice bonus.



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