Why Teach? 7 Reasons Teachers Get Into This Career

For those who get into teaching, there are often few things that are as rewarding and satisfying as making a marked difference in shaping the lives of young people and helping them grow up to the best versions of themselves. If you’re looking for a career where you can make a true difference in the lives of others and share your knowledge, teaching could be the ideal profession for you. Good teachers are always in high demand and there are definitely several awesome reasons to consider teaching as your career. Here are some of the best reasons to consider becoming a teacher:

Inspire Your Students:

Teachers experience some of the best career satisfaction. This is because other than parents, teachers have some of the biggest influence over the lives of the children that they teach. You can spend each day at work knowing that you are doing something good in the lives of your students, whether you’re sharing your knowledge with them, helping them realise their passions, or supporting them through troubling times. There’s nothing more rewarding as a teacher than seeing your students succeed and knowing that you played a part in that.

Continue Learning:

If you love to learn, then what better way to continue your learning journey than sharing your knowledge with others? Even though your main career is to teach, a teacher is also somebody who never stops learning themselves. When you’re responsible for making sure that your students have the best education that you can provide to them, you’re going to want to make sure that your knowledge is up to scratch. As a teacher, you’ll often find yourself spending time researching new topics to teach and brushing up your own knowledge all the time. If you have a lifelong passion for learning, this career path is certainly one where you can continue.

High Demand:

Teachers are always going to be needed since there are always children who need to go to school and learn. Because of this, once you get a masters in education UK distance learning, you can find a job as a teacher almost anywhere in the world. Whether you’d like to teach in the school you once attended as a child, relocate to somewhere else in the country or travel abroad as a teacher and work overseas, you can be assured that teachers are highly sought-after wherever you go. Unlike many other jobs, teaching also offers excellent levels of job security with many teachers staying in their positions for several decades.

Great for Families:

If you have a family or plan to have children in the future, teaching is a rare type of job that is easier to fit around your family life. You will mainly share the same holidays as your students, which gives you a unique opportunity to spend time with your family – and save money on childcare.

Excellent Salaries:

Working as a teacher can also be very financially rewarding, with several opportunities to earn more as you gain more teaching experience and take on more responsibilities. Newly qualified teachers in their probation years start on a salary of almost £23,000 or even more depending on where you choose to teach, the type of school, and a number of other factors. Once you are fully registered as a teacher you can earn anything up to £36,500 or even more over the first five years of your career. Working up to a headteacher position can see your salary rise substantially and even double.

Promotion Opportunities:

If you’d like a career that allows you to work your way up the ladder, teaching is an excellent choice. Teaching has a very clear career path to follow for those who want to improve their outlook, and there are opportunities to go as high as you’d like from the head of the department to headteacher. There are also numerous opportunities to branch out into various fields of education, such as educational psychology or SEND teaching.

Follow Your Passion:

Last but not least, there are few jobs that really allow you to use and cultivate your passions. As a teacher, you get to follow your passions for a certain subject every single day. If you have a passion for art, teaching it can help to keep that passion alive as you share it with your students. It’s a job that allows you to really share what you love about a subject with others and encourage them in their own passions and dreams.

If you’re looking for a rewarding career that allows you to follow your passions and inspire the same passion in others, teaching could be perfect for you.

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