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Why You Need to Switch to a Keto Diet

The desire to live a healthy life, and have a fit and healthy body always keeps people plugged in to find a magical diet plan that can give the desired results. Though there isn’t any magical diet plan that turns you into a fit and slim diva overnight, some diet plans can help you achieve the goals slowly but effectively. A keto diet is one of them!

Keto diet has become so popular among people looking to get a perfect body shape or shed extra pounds that every fitness blog raves about it. From A-listers, celebrities to a girl living next door, everyone is falling in love with the ketogenic diet. If you are not familiar with this new love of fitness freaks, you might be wondering what we are talking about. Don’t worry; we are not going to make you feel left out. The ketogenic diet is all about switching from high carb food to high-fat food. Yes, you heard it right! In the keto world, fatty foods are welcomed like anything!

But a keto diet is like a 360 degrees spin in your dietary plan. It is not easy to give up on potatoes and pasta to add high-fat foods in your diet plan immediately. But at the end of the day, all this effort is worth it!

Still not sure why you need to switch to a keto diet? Here is your answer:

Behind the Keto Mechanism:

The keto diet relies on the body’s ketosis process. As you switch to high-fat food and cut down carbohydrates, your body switches to ketosis process in which the body uses stored fat instead of starch to produce energy. Well, the ketosis process doesn’t start instantly the moment you stop taking carbohydrates and increase fatty food’s intake. It takes almost 7 days for your body to switch to ketosis process when it doesn’t get an adequate amount of carbohydrates for energy production. Even if you take supplementary keto products, your body still needs some time to start ketosis.

The mechanism behind the keto diet itself is a hugely enticing factor to start the ketogenic diet. After all, who wouldn’t want to switch to a diet plan that automatically burns fat without any extra workout or exercises?

Weight Loss without Counting Calories:

Unlike all other diet plans that go strict on your calories intake, ketogenic diet gives you freehand. It is very effective in reducing lower body weight without putting you in a struggle of tracking your amount of calorie intake. You can eat cheese, full cream coffee, yogurt and milk without any fear of weight gain because such food items work the best in a keto diet.

Helps in Diabetes’ Control:

Diabetes is triggered by a change in the metabolic system of the body, increase in sugar level of the blood and dysfunctioning pancreas. Though diabetes can be controlled by injecting insulin and taking medication, isn’t it better if you can control it through your diet? A keto diet helps you to take control of your starch and sugar intake, lower the sugar level in blood and improves the metabolic system. In fact, some studies have shown that a keto diet has been so effective in some cases for diabetes control that patients with type 2 diabetes stopped using all kinds of diabetes medicines.

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