Why You Should Buy Your Wife Flowers

Each year, at Valentines Day, Mothers Day and those other special holidays earmarked to make that special significant female in your life feel special, florist’s worldwide boom with millions of dollars in revenue. In fact, some pretty amazing statistics report that these two holidays alone – combined perhaps with Christmas, make up a sheer 1/3rd of the annual profits for florists across the United States. Sure, it’s nice to remind people that you care about them, and it is especially important during occasions like birthdays, anniversaries and the holidays mentioned above. But really, what would be so wrong with buying your wife flowers just because? Not because some special day hallmarked on the calendar says you are “supposed” to – but simply because you want to?

The truth is that one of the most unrecognized traits in a relationship (that turns women on) is the ability of their spouse to make them feel special and appreciated. Most women don’t want to be put on a pedestal by any means; however, they do find it irresistibly romantic and completely amazing when the man in their life finds impromptu reasons to do the little things such as buying her flowers, which makes her feel loved – for no real (or forced) reason. Don’t misunderstand, you should make sure to have flowers during those monumental days throughout the year (or at least something that recognizes her) but why not find other reasons and other times to show that you think the world of her. The best part is, you might be surprised how far it takes you in the relationship and how something so simple, like buying your wife flowers – can improve the overall connection between the two of you.

Of course, if you aren’t prone to surprising your wife for no real reason, be warned that the first time you buy flowers for your wife, she may be a little suspicious, wondering what indiscretion you have made that you are trying to make up for. This just goes to show that she isn’t accustomed to you being thoughtful for no real reason at all, and that perhaps YOU have a lot more to offer the relationship than you might think.

So, why should you buy your wife flowers? Check out this list of seven reasons, and realize that if your wife isn’t an arborist or is allergic to blooms – there are hundreds of other small token gifts, such as handwritten notes or cards, a favorite candy bar or even the latest edition of her favorite magazine that can be used instead of flowers.

  1. To make her feel special. As mentioned above, women want to feel special in your life. They want to know that they are your #1, and that you still think of them when the two of you are not together. Purchasing flowers, or even picking her some roadside daisies shows her without a doubt that during your day, you took the time to think about her.
  2. To let her know that you still love her. The longer you are together, the more responsibilities that exist between the two of you, the less that you let one another know that you love them. Too often, couples (and very often men) take it for granted that their wife knows how they feel. Flowers (or any of the other ideas above) can make your actions speak your words.
  3. To apologize. We all mess up in life, especially when it comes to marriage. Saying your sorry is critical for recovery and healing. Why not do it with flowers? Not only does it take a little more effort on your part than just mouthing apologetic words, but it will likely also speed up the reconciliation process.
  4. To reduce stress in her life. Maybe she’s been having a hard time at work, or her boss is breathing down her neck. Or maybe the kids have been driving her crazy. Set up a flower delivery to brighten her day, and you will renew her energy to keep on keeping on, as well as reduce her stress levels and make her feel happy. Plus, this shows her that you ARE paying attention to her and do have compassion for how she feels.
  5. To reignite your sex life. Send some flowers with a saucy note attached, or even the day after some pretty intense lovemaking and you will likely find yourself making more of it. This is a simple, yet powerful way to reignite the passion between the two of you.
  6. To say thanks. Thanks for putting up with your underwear on the floor, thanks for cooking dinner every night, thanks for tolerating (and preparing snacks) for the guys during the football game. The truth is in relationships, you cannot say thank you too much. Women want to feel appreciated, and when they do – they honestly don’t mind doing anything for their husband.
  7. The best reason….is no real reason at all. Just send the flowers because you want her to have something beautiful to look at, because you want to see her smile, surprise her, or even take her off guard. Send them because in a split second decision you decided to make her day, and make her feel appreciated.

The best part about sending your wife flowers is that there doesn’t have to be a reason. Relationships thrive in environments where partners respect one another and make unselfish strides to show one another that they are special. Flowers are an easy, inexpensive, and beautiful way to express the millions of things that couples run out of time and energy to do.

To make the gift of flowers even more special, put extra thought into it by finding out what your wife’s favorite blooms are, or pick an arrangement that is comprised of flowers in her favorite color. By personalizing the arrangement and the enclosed note, you will be certain to win brownie points with the woman in your life.



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