Wine Preservation Cabinets – Controlling the Temperature

Numerous bars and restaurants have found that preserving wine and selling it by the glass can be quite difficult, especially when you want to preserve the taste of a bottle that has just been opened. The same is true for wine lovers who frequently enjoy a variety of wines on a daily or weekly basis. The wine preservation cabinet is an excellent way to preserve the wine so that is fresh for every glass you pour.

The wine preservation system is designed for both red and white wines. The section for the white wines is refrigerated while the reds are able to remain at room temperature. Several of these systems also emit a blank of inert gasses that keep the wine lasting longer by preventing spoilage and oxidization. The gases used by these systems are the same gases that are used in the vineyards when they must preserve half empty tanks and barrels. The separate compartments for whites and reds are controlled by a thermostat to maintain controlled climates appropriate for different types of wine.

There are several sizes of wine preservation systems and most are very classic looking solid wood cabinets with doors that display the wines that are being preserved. The wine bottles are connected to a system that uses tubing connected to spouts so that one bottle of wine may be served at one time. The systems are available in different sizes depending on the number of bottles that you wish to preserve at one time such as six, eight or twelve bottles.

There are several smaller types of wine preservation systems for the wine lover that doesn’t need to store six open bottles at a time. These wine preservation systems are also temperature controlled but are designed to hold only one bottle. They are self-enclosed systems that allow the user to store one bottle of wine at the appropriate temperature and the also emit inert gas that protects the wine from oxidizing and spoiling. These are basic countertop accessories for the wine lover’s kitchen. One unique feature of this system that is great for white wine drinkers is that the system can instantly chill a whole bottle of white wine to the perfect temperature within minutes.

Temperature is the number one factor in storing wines and a wine preservation system is able to provide the perfect temperature. The best temperature for wines is fifty-five degrees Fahrenheit and they should not be exposed to vibrations. The wine preservation system is able to maintain an accurate temperature and is vibration free. Even if you need only a preservation system for a single bottle, they are much more precise in temperature than you refrigerator. The refrigerator is not able to maintain a specific temperature within a few degrees. The compressor in the refrigerator also causes a lot of vibrations.

If the wine storage temperature is too cold, the aging process of the wine is slowed down. If the temperatures are too high, then the wine may age prematurely and may reach their peak in a year rather than in several years. If they become extremely hot, the wine may be cooked. Cooked wine appears brown and will taste oxidized. Colder temperatures are not as harmful to wine as the warmer temperatures, but your wine will be best preserved if it is not subjected to drastic changes in temperature. Because temperature is your number one consideration when it comes to storing and preserving wine, the wine preservation system is the most effective at storing wine at a constant temperature for a constant amount of time.

The wine preservation system is the only way to keep wines good for more than four to five days. Nobody likes having to pour out bottles of wine because they are oxidized; it’s like watching money run down the drain. Wine preservation systems are excellent for home wine drinkers as you can pour a glass whenever you like and not have to worry about drinking the whole bottle within a day or so. These systems stretch your dollar a lot further in the long run.

There are several sizes of units and the prices of the units range accordingly. The six-bottle cabinet will run you approximately $1,400 while the twelve-bottle system is approximately $5,500. Single units are available for around $99. The Nitrogen tanks that are used to preserve the wine are sold separately from the systems and you will require one to preserve the wines. If you are a restaurant or bar that prides itself on well-preserved and excellent wines, then a wine preservation system would be an excellent asset to your business. Home wine lovers would want to consider if the cost is worth it or not, however, if you do a lot of entertaining then the system may be worth it.



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