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Writing an Essay About Family: Ways You Can Help Your Child

Writing an essay is a challenging task, especially when you need to open up about a personal topic. So, how can you help your child with an essay about family?

How to Help Your Child with Writing an Essay About Family?

What parent doesn`t enjoy doing homework with their precious kids? All of them! And if you thought that drawing a family tree in the middle of the night, getting covered in watercolor paint is the worst challenge that primary school prepared for you, then brace yourself because an essay about family is coming. It`s the trickiest one because kids have very vivid fantasy, and parents always get overly worried about it because they don`t want that essay to make them look bad.

It doesn`t really matter what level of pedagogical skills you possess, your child`s essay about family will never be objective and truthful because kids seem to look at this wonderful world through some sort of distorted lenses. Once you forbid them from eating chocolate in the bed, you`ll turn into a real-life monster in their narrative.

Besides, parents always want to help out their bundles of joy with their homework. Even if these bundles of joy are 15 years old. It was my subtle way to shout out to my mom, who tried to help me with any kind of an academic writing assignment I had back at school. She even had a collage of interesting idioms which she cut out from various newspapers and magazines and considered them to be valuable enough to end up in my essay on any topic.

Obviously, I appreciated the attempt. But come on, it`s acceptable when you`re 7 and not when your teenage frivolous spirit messes with your sober mind. So I often declined the offer politely. Actually, I rarely wrote those assignments myself because it`s not what God meant teenage years to be.

I turned to homework tutoring at It was a win-win situation. I got my excellent grades and my sanity because a monstrous assignment overload didn`t hit me that hard.

So, dear parents, if your kid says that he/she is supposed to submit an essay about family, writing it yourself at 3 a.m. isn`t the most obvious idea. The fact that school teaches you to be a bit more cunning and a bit less compliant is much better. However, if you want to help your kid to develop a desire to study, you`d better help him/her with that essay.

And here is how.

George Washington`s Descendant

Preparation to writing a great essay about family shouldn`t resemble ordinary library research that takes time and energy. Take a photo-album, get some tea, cookies, and find out what your child already knows about his/her roots. If that kid knows practically nada, then it`s your duty to educate him/her. Talk about your relatives. And if you have any famous figures in the history of your family, they definitely should be mentioned in the essay.

Should you include any objectionable facts? For example, if one of your ancestors was a brave general who won many battles but was a Confederate and an unswerving slave-owner, are you supposed to include this kind of information as well? This is an issue that you need to discuss with your kid. And this conversation should lead to a communicational breakthrough because you need to accept your ancestors no matter who they are.

There May Be Psychological Issues You Need to Work On

Ask your kid to write a draft of the essay. This way you`ll understand what kind of style you`re supposed to stick to so your help with a home assignment won`t be too obvious. And most importantly, you`ll realize how your child perceives family environment. You`ll be able to spot some disturbing tendencies or issues you need to work on in order to avoid misunderstanding in the future. But if needed, consult a psychologist.

You`re Not in the Essay If I Don`t Like You

Children often see the surrounding world in black and white shades. If they don`t like their grandpa or aunt for a non-apparent reason, they would definitely prefer not to include them into the essay about family. So, your task is to explain why it`s important to accept every family member. Suggest writing about a pet, and this will definitely cheer your child up.

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